Co-creation and life’s lessons

co-create and lessons

Before you incarnated this time, you negotiated to undergo certain experiences that you may experience and grow from.

This does not mean there is no free will – far from it. What it does mean is that your higher self created a ‘flow’ that would lead you to certain life experiences. The bias for these experiences to occur happens because of the family you were born into, the place you were born, and the magnetics of the planets at your time of birth.

You may find that certain situations constantly occur in your life and this is where a life lesson is waiting to be recognized. For example, always picking the ‘wrong partner’ or being overlooked at work for a promotion. Generally these lessons appear to create adverse circumstances in our lives, but really they are seeking to show inconsistencies in ourselves, such as our attitude, self-esteem, or intent.

The most important thing is not whether these things happen to you, but how you react to the circumstances presented. As soon as you realise that the extent to which something affects you is within your domain of control, you release the internal blocks that inhibit you co-creation and allow the Universe to deliver that which you truly desire.

Blessings. xo