Full Moon in Gemini November 2018


While the Sun is keeping court with the majestic Jupiter in the early degrees of Sagittarius, the Moon is making a solitary pass through Gemini, and the full moon occurs just after the Moon enters the sign at 0’52 Gemini.

The Gemini archetype is the twins, and as such Gemini is a representation of the third dimension we are striving to Ascend from; the dimension of duality. Duality is merely two poles of the same degree, and in writing this I am drawn to reflecting on the Principle of Polarity, as documented for example in The Kybalion. Remember the representation of the Gemini twins generally shows the intertwined rather than opposing, reminding us that the perceived polarities are merely illusions; reflections of aspects of the self.

In symbology Gemini informs us that we always have a choice. And when we consider that we, and we alone are responsible for everything that we manifest, the liberty of choice can become one of a burden, because in our perfection we all have a measure of dark and light that seeks to be heard in the forum of the conscious mind, and so inner conflict is a natural result of this.

The increased vibration of the Gemini full moon can thus create inner conflict, which in turn can also lead to indecision and confusion. As the mind seeks to rationalize using the left hemisphere, the energy associated with the thoughts gets trapped around the head area, and can in turn lead to headaches, sleeplessness, vision issues and stomach issues. Depending on the tools that you like to use and work best for you, a few strategies include: chanting: aum to balance the two hemispheres of the brain; color therapy: using the color purple to dampen the effects of yellow (yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra and the left hemisphere); crystals: violet crystals such as amethyst; and of course grounding and lots of pure water to better move the energies through the body.

The full moon occurs at 4:37 pm Melbourne time on Friday 23rd November, , which is 12:37 pm Indochina time, 11:07 am India time, 5:37 am UK/GMT/UT, 12:37 am Eastern time all on Friday 23rd November, and 9:37 pm Pacific time on Thursday 22nd November.

May you be blessed as you contemplate this full moon and may it light all options available to you at every fork in the road. xo

Full Moon in Pisces August 2018

full moon in pisces

Artwork by Alex Groseth

A full moon by its definition is the the confrontation of two energies pulling in opposite directions. The Sun directly opposes (but also illuminates) the Moon, and the Moon is most prominent  thanks to the Sun’s full illumination.

The Pisces full moon in my opinion is the one most challenging of the year, as the ego self gets to examine the emotional subconscious self. The Sun is sitting at 3 degrees Virgo, shining its light onto the Moon at 3 degrees Pisces. Pisces, being the last sign, denotes this full moon is the culmination of a cycle, which invariably leads the human mind into reflection. With the Sun in Virgo – the most analytical and self-criticizing sign – it is not unusual to feel self doubt, and to spin off in the wonderful world of “what ifs” and “if I had only” and so on. Analytical thinking on steroids, with a mix of heightened emotions.

This is where discipline is required, and all the spiritual practices of living in the moment, not having regrets, and being positive in challenging circumstances is required. And of course, if you do go down the self-criticism and self-doubt rabbit-hole, don’t beat yourself up about it. The moon sails through the zodiac very quickly, and energies associated with the full moon pass quickly. And this too shall pass.

The full moon is 9:54 pm Melbourne time, 6:54 pm Indochina time, and 5:24 pm India time, 12:54 pm UK time, 11:54 am UTC/GMT, 7:54 am Eastern time and 4:54 am Pacific time on Sunday, 26th August.

May you be kind to yourself and kind to others. x

Full Moon in Aquarius July 2018

alex groseth art2

Artwork by Alex Groseth

The Full Moon aspect is always one where we have the interaction of two opposing energies. The mastery comes in seeing the lessons and the opportunities for growth. This month the Sun and Moon stand-off at 4 degrees Leo and Aquarius respectively.

When Leo is in play, we always know the ego is not far away. So, a full Moon in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo is interesting in that we have the focus on self with the Sun in egoistic Leo, wanting the spotlight, while the Moon in Aquarius entices us to think of the other with themes of fraternity, idealism and humanitarianism.

For those on a spiritual path, and more importantly those on a positive spiritual path, the counsel this full moon is to keep the ego in check by focusing on the unity consciousness of our higher being and all that is. The path of service to others is one that is slowly replacing the materialism and self-indulgence that has been programmed and encouraged to the masses, at least it is with those that have the eyes to see. One must remember to never judge those not yet waking to their true being-ness. All things happen in divine timing.

Just an hour and a half before the precise full moon, the Moon passes over the currently retrograde Mars, also in Aquarius. At a time when emotions are already heightened, the aggression of Mars could cause some to feel agitated. Fore-warned is fore-armed, so observe yourself and mood triggers and practice non-attachment. These feelings will pass quickly as the moon moves quite fast through the horoscope.

The full moon is 6:20 am Melbourne time, 3:20 am Indochina time, and 1:50 am India time on Saturday 28th July, and 9:20 pm UK time, 8:20 pm UTC/GMT, 4:20 pm Eastern time and 1:20 pm Pacific time on Friday 27th July.

May you be blessed in your spiritual endeavors. x

Full Moon in Capricorn June 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn 20180628

Artwork by Alex Groseth

The Capricorn full moon can be a challenge for the spiritually inclined as the Capricorn energy makes one results-oriented. This does not always sit well where surrender, patience and integration, which are often-times required. Such is the energy of this full moon where the Moon is at 6 degrees Capricorn and the Sun at 6 degrees Cancer, just 6 degrees past or about 6 days after the June solstice which occurs at zero degrees Cancer.

Generally on a Capricorn full moon it is a good time to set realistic goals and impart energy and intent towards those goals. This is reinforced by Capricorn and Cancer both being cardinal signs marking the change of seasons, and thus promoting change and new beginnings. So this may be a good time to be doing organizing those things you have to do in your 3D life to exist in this dualistic world.

The key to this full moon and making the most of it from a higher perspective is the presence of Saturn. At 5 degrees Capricorn (in a sign it rules), Saturn is within a degree of the Moon. And if we look closely at the Saturn qualities (amplified by it being in Capricorn), one quality stands out. And that quality is Discipline.

No matter where one is on their spiritual path, discipline is always required. Whether it is the discipline to your daily practice (such as meditation, yoga, Reiki, whatever), or the discipline to stay in observation and not reaction, or the discipline to stay faithful when the wheel of life turns, all require discipline. Even being in surrender is a discipline.

The full moon is 2:53 pm Melbourne time, 11:53 am Indochina time, 10:23 am India time, 5:53 am UK time, 4:53 am GMT/UT  and 12:53 am Eastern time on Thursday 28Th June, and for our friends on the West Coast this is 9:53 pm Pacific time on Wednesday 27th June.

May your journey be blessed, always. xo

Red Pill time – Full Moon in Sagittarius

20180530 Full Moon in Sagittarius

We are currently in a period of integration. You may feel that the screws have been loosened a little as the planetary bodies have spread out across the zodiac. The majority of planets concentrated mainly in a few signs has eased. In fact, with the exception of the Moon passing through Virgo and Libra on its way to the Sagittarius full moon, the two signs flanking the Descendant are void at present, and all other ten signs have some presence. This is what [should be] making things seem more balanced.

Regardless, as the event draws near, we all have much internal work to do, and while this effort should not cease, now is a good time to be re-charging the batteries.

The flavour of this full moon is one of adaptability and change, in that the Sun being in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius are both mutable signs, and mutable signs promote change and adaptability. To quote Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

The Sagittarian energy promotes the seeking of knowledge and ultimate truth, but we must take the first step. We may only find the truth through taking the Red Pill – i.e. the truth will appear only when we are prepared to see how far the rabbit hole goes. With truth comes change, and growth. A rule of manifestation is that you cannot manifest something new unless you think (and do) something new. You have to change something to expect a different outcome. The energy of change is waiting for you.

Expect to have notions and ideas challenge your belief systems. This is natural and it is part of growth during these momentous times. It is not a matter of change for change’s sake, and remember no-one has the right to tell you that your truth is wrong. But you can decide that certain belief systems or mental concepts no longer serve you.

Please remember, we experience a full moon about once a month. It is always beneficial to go with the flow of energies, but full moons help us to make baby steps, small course corrections if you like. Never expect your life to change totally on each full moon. A large ship takes a long time to change course.

The full moon is 12:20 am Melbourne time on Wednesday 30th May, which is 9:20 pm Indochina time, 7:50 pm India time, 3:20 pm UK time, 2:20 pm GMT/UT, 10:20 am  Eastern time and 7:20 am Pacific time on Tuesday 29th May.

May truth, humility and grace resonate through your every thought and action. xo


Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018

20180430 Full Moon in Scorpio

While a full moon is by definition an opposing of two energies, this full moon also features a precise square (i.e. less than one degree) of the Sun and Moon squaring the (Moon’s) North Node; and aspect needing consideration when understanding the energies coming from this full moon.

The Sun is at just under 10 degrees Taurus, illuminating the Moon in the eighth house of Scorpio. The eighth house resonates to a number of things including other people’s (i.e. partner’s) finances, self-control and self-discipline, and regarding the body it rules the anus and sex organs (think base chakra). Moon in Scorpio is about hiding emotions from the outside world … the proverbial duck gliding across a still pond, while underneath frantic activity is going on.

Fears, anxieties and emotions regarding finances (particularly those of others) have to be relaxed during this full moon. Be wary of constipation (which is a fear of letting go). In line with base chakra affirmations, maintain an understanding and belief that the Universe provides all the support that is required.

Emotions come in shades of grey and rarely are black and white such is the perception of the Scorpio moon. While the energies resonate with burying emotions and feelings, remember that being as open as possible can bring relief, without of course using this to attack or criticize another.

The interesting factor of this full moon is the North Node forming a precise square to the Sun and the Moon; a reasonably rare event. The North Node is generally regarded as relating to the future – more particularly that which we have to work on in the future – and a square to both the Sun and Moon during a full moon can be seen more of as a blending of the solar and lunar energies rather than a contest of two opposing forces. This is like the balance of male and female, yin and yang, left brain and right brain. Those on a spiritual path understand the endeavor for unity of mind, and of the unity of divine masculine with divine feminine. This aspect provides a glimpse of that, and used wisely can provide the individual with another step on their chosen path. The North Node being in Leo and the fifth house would indicate that creativity and self-expression (in any form) from the heart would be of purpose.

The full moon is 10:58 am Melbourne time, 7:58 am Indochina time, 6:28 am India time, 1:58 am UK time, and 12:58 am GMT/UT on Monday, 30th April, which is 8:58 pm Eastern time and 5:58 pm Pacific time on Sunday, 29th April.

Full moon blessings to you all. xo

Full Moon in Libra March 2018

Full Moon in Libra

This full moon is at 10 degrees Libra, and as Libra is the sign of balance and harmony (or rather, restoring balance and harmony), this full moon is a good time to make a balancing change in your life. One example may be to restore the work-life balance into your life. Or perhaps, spend some time in your spiritual self. Basically, the energies of this full moon will assist any change to assist in restoring balance. We are already in that full moon energy so consider making the change now.

Mercury is never too far away from the Sun in the astrological chart (given its proximity to the Sun, when viewed from earth it is always within 48 degrees) but at this full moon Mercury is sitting a mere two degrees from the Sun and is currently retrograde, so the Moon is opposing Mercury as well as the Sun. Caution is the counsel this full moon Mercury retrograde, however still be prepared to move forward with any opportunities to balance  life. But walk, don’t run. A Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon is no reason to sit on your hands.

The full moon is 11:37 pm Melbourne time, 7:37 pm Indochina time, 6:07 pm India time, 1:37 pm UK time, 12:37 GMT/UT, 8:37 am Eastern time and 5:37 am Pacific time on Saturday 31st March.

Blessings on this full moon. xo

Full Moon in Leo 2018

cat tree moon

Not every full moon is an eclipse; in fact it is only when there is a syzygy … a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies. Such is the case of this full moon when the Aquarian Sun opposes the Moon at 11 degrees Leo, causing a Lunar Eclipse in some parts of the world.  The moon will still be close to its perigee the day before, so it will be larger than usual in the sky. This makes for a powerful and potentially transformative full moon. The link here shows the parts of the world that will experience a partial or total lunar eclipse this full moon: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/globe/2018-january-31

The dense configuration of so many astrological bodies in the down-to-earth Capricorn of the previous full moon and new moon has now given way to the Sun and Venus into the quirky and indifferent Aquarius, with Mercury to follow an hour after the full moon.  This may result in some feeling fatigued or that the wind has gone out of their sails, and this would be correct, as the celestial wind has calmed.

As we come under the energetic influence of this Leo full moon, the need to be [emotionally] heard becomes more prominent. Leo, being the regal, likes to be acknowledged, and quite often feelings of not being acknowledged or appreciated can surface at this time. Considering the Leo full moon always occurs with the Sun in Aquarius, others may appear aloof or indifferent to us, exacerbating this feeling of transparency, being taken for granted, and “we don’t communicate” type of feelings.

Fortunately, the Moon moves through Leo for just a couple of days so these feelings are fleeting. But remember this is the way the energies work … it is not always the event that happens during the astrological event. It can also be the trigger that initiates events in the future. Given the Moon moves from Leo into Virgo, one must be cautious not to then examine every detail of a situation or relationship under the microscope, where small things look larger.

While in Leo, the Moon also encourages for pursuits of the heart – i.e. anything we love to do, so any challenging energies from the Leo full moon can be channeled into creative and fun-loving activities.

Those on a spiritual path could utilise opportunities of this full moon to explore aspects of the inner self that seeking to maintain relationships through dominance. One might then be rewarded by acknowledging and subsequently releasing that habit or belief system.

Just as these energies affect the individual, the energies created by alignments of the movements of celestial bodies affect the collective consciousness of humanity. There have always been those in positions of power who understand this and use this for their benefit, by planning events and announcements when energies are favorable. Consider a few moments of your time to place into the collective consciousness pure and positive thoughts for the greater good.

In most of the world and certainly in GMT this is a blue moon; however for us on the east coast of Australia and east of us to the International Date Line, the precise full moon falls on the 1st of February. The full moon is 12:28 am Melbourne time on Thursday 1st February, which is 8:28 pm Indochina time, 6:58 pm India time,  1:28 pm UK/GMT/UT, 8:28am Atlantic time and 5:28 am Pacific time on Wednesday 31st January.

May this Leo full moon allow you to express your true self with the heart of a lion and the humility of a great king. xo

Full Moon in Cancer and New Year 2018

2018 Cat

We cannot examine this full moon without giving due consideration of its proximity to the new year, and the vibrational change that goes from a ‘1’ year of 2017 (2+0+1+7=10=1) to a master number 11 year (2+0+1+8=11), or for those on a lower vibration, 2. In reality for most of us it is likely to be a combination of both 11 and the 2. Kryon tells us the meaning of master number 11 is illumination, while number 2 is about duality. Is it not ironic that illumination leads to a to rise above duality, to the truth that all is one and duality is merely a veil? My personal wish is that in 2018 we shall see many more awakening to the truth of reality, and raise the vibration of our collective human consciousness as we approach Ascension.

Back to the heavenly bodies … the Full Moon is on its lonesome in its home sign of Cancer while the Sun in Capricorn is accompanied by Saturn, Venus and Pluto. Cancer and Capricorn are the traditional rulers of the 4th and 10th houses, surfacing emotions relating to parent/child relationships and unfinished business. Remember as these emotions arise, our level of consciousness is important. If we see this as an opportunity to face unresolved issues rather than just the opening of old wounds for a little more blood-letting, the journey can be both productive and maybe a little less painful. It is no coincidence that the aspect dealing with family relationships always comes up around the time of the year when festivities of the season see us spending more time with family or thinking about family. Some may feel they cannot face family issue because the other party has passed over. Please be aware that the tool for resolution is forgiveness, and you do not need your forgiveness accepted, for that is conditional. You just need to forgive, unconditionally – however hard that can be, forgiveness heals you.

Venus is currently in a very close conjunct with the Sun in Capricorn. As Venus has an orbit of 225 days and is closing in on the Sun from 2 degrees away, it will form a precise conjunct around a week after the full moon before it slowly starts to pull away. As a planet conjuncts the Sun, the Sun (ego) is affected by that planetary influence, and we know Venus is the planet of beauty and attraction. Attraction from the ego can be fleeting so early January is not the time to rush into any commitment based on attraction, nor to make impulse purchases.

Two weeks after this full moon, around the new moon, Capricorn is hosting the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto.  This will be an excellent time to progress with life; the area of life will be specific to what house Capricorn falls in on your personal chart. Needless to say, it will be a time to go with the flow and take opportunities as they arise, and apply the effort to reach a desired outcome.

The full moon is 1:24 pm Australian EDST, 10:24 am Indochina time, 7:54 am India time, 2:24 am UK/GMT/UTC on Tuesday 2nd January, which in the Americas will be 9:24 pm Eastern time and 6:24 pm Pacific time on Monday 1st January.

May the New Year bring you all blessings of health, happiness and abundance.

Full Moon in Gemini December 2017

full moon gemini 2017 contemplation smaller

Sagittarius is packed full of planets during this full moon with the Sun, Mercury (now in retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius), Venus and Saturn all passing through the sign. As these planets collectively influence more aspects of our lives, the feel is very Sagittarian … a carefree time to throw away (or maybe just relax) the routine of life. Also, the tight Saturn-Mercury conjunct will make us a little cautious in communication with others.

This is all a backdrop for the Sun opposing the Moon at almost 12 degrees Gemini. This full moon, and the period hence through the 12:12 gateway  to the December solstice , is the time to let go of aspects of the self that you do not want to take forward into 2018. A Gemini full moon facilitates this by allowing us to see both sides of the equation (i.e. the twins) to make choices. Gemini is duality and as such it is appropriate to be in two minds about what we want.

While it is true we have both light and dark within us, the one that flourishes is the one we feed. And so it is with choices – that which we agree to bless and leave behind in 2017 will remain a lesson in the past, while that which we embrace will manifest as our future.

The typical depiction of Gemini is the twins intertwined (rather than opposing), reminding us that the other is part of the whole, merely reflecting aspects of self like a mirror. It is always easier to see our faults in others than it is to see in ourselves.

On a wider scale, the Gemini twins represent duality in this heavy dimension where energy is polarized – light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong, internal/external. Everything is of course an illusion, viewed through the clouded lens of humanity, but necessary to provide choices from free will. In everything we experience, there is always a choice as to how we choose to react. This is a time to contemplate those choices.

DSCN7591_insetFor the crystal tragics like myself, I have included a picture of one of my crystals . It is Cassiterite in Quartz. What I find interesting (and related to the post) is the two Gemini carnival-like faces, or masks, which I have highlighted in the inset in the photo. The smiling and the frowning … two sides of the same coin.

Curiously, I acquired this piece a few years ago when the Sun was in the middle of Gemini.

The full moon occurs at 2:45 am Melbourne time on Monday 4th December, which is 10:45 pm Indochina time, 9:15 pm India time, 3:45 pm UK/GMT/UTC, and for our friends in the Americas 10:45 Atlantic (Eastern) time, and 7:45 am Pacific (Western) time, all on Sunday 3rd December.

May you be blessed as you contemplate this full moon and may it light all options available to you at every fork in the road. xo