Full Moon in Gemini November 2018


While the Sun is keeping court with the majestic Jupiter in the early degrees of Sagittarius, the Moon is making a solitary pass through Gemini, and the full moon occurs just after the Moon enters the sign at 0’52 Gemini.

The Gemini archetype is the twins, and as such Gemini is a representation of the third dimension we are striving to Ascend from; the dimension of duality. Duality is merely two poles of the same degree, and in writing this I am drawn to reflecting on the Principle of Polarity, as documented for example in The Kybalion. Remember the representation of the Gemini twins generally shows the intertwined rather than opposing, reminding us that the perceived polarities are merely illusions; reflections of aspects of the self.

In symbology Gemini informs us that we always have a choice. And when we consider that we, and we alone are responsible for everything that we manifest, the liberty of choice can become one of a burden, because in our perfection we all have a measure of dark and light that seeks to be heard in the forum of the conscious mind, and so inner conflict is a natural result of this.

The increased vibration of the Gemini full moon can thus create inner conflict, which in turn can also lead to indecision and confusion. As the mind seeks to rationalize using the left hemisphere, the energy associated with the thoughts gets trapped around the head area, and can in turn lead to headaches, sleeplessness, vision issues and stomach issues. Depending on the tools that you like to use and work best for you, a few strategies include: chanting: aum to balance the two hemispheres of the brain; color therapy: using the color purple to dampen the effects of yellow (yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra and the left hemisphere); crystals: violet crystals such as amethyst; and of course grounding and lots of pure water to better move the energies through the body.

The full moon occurs at 4:37 pm Melbourne time on Friday 23rd November, , which is 12:37 pm Indochina time, 11:07 am India time, 5:37 am UK/GMT/UT, 12:37 am Eastern time all on Friday 23rd November, and 9:37 pm Pacific time on Thursday 22nd November.

May you be blessed as you contemplate this full moon and may it light all options available to you at every fork in the road. xo