Looking Within

look within mefs

As one spends time looking within, one realises they are part of something bigger. Much bigger.

You realise that you are indeed the creator of your life’s experiences. You realise things happen for a reason. And sometimes you look back and see the invisible chord connecting a number of seemingly random events into experiences that change you. Maybe they make you stronger. Maybe they are a catalyst for you looking for something ‘more’ to life.

You realise that fear is a program implanted in you. Sometimes by intent – from those powers that wish to keep you small. Some by accident – from those family and friends that have merely passed on their own learned fears inadvertanly to others. And some by inheritence from your etheric DNA that has accumulated experiences in previous lives.

You realise that perceived lack causes fear, and fear causes duality. Duality puts you in conflict with your fellow man. This is not your natural state of being.

You do not lose yourself; you find yourself.

June Solstice

June solstice 2014

Blessings on this June solstice.

You may be asking, “what is so special about the solstice?” The solstice is that point in time where the sun sits still (or appears to sit still) in the sky. And we all know, like with meditation, that insight, and increased energies are available at the stillpoint.

A solstice is also a new beginning. At the precise point in time when the days start to get longer (for those of us in the Southern hemisphere) or begin to get shorter, we have the opportunity for a new beginning. Thus the theme for this post and the picture of the Reiki Box.

The Reiki Box in the picture is my Reiki Box. I made it. Now I have just revealed something about myself by showing you this. I am not particularly artistic. At least not when it comes to making objects out of clay, even though the process was very satisfying to me. But it is the contents of the Reiki box that are important.

Over the past year and a half since I made this box, I have been accumulating names for those that have asked for blessings or prayers or healings. I give Reiki to the box, and in doing so, all of the names in it. I occasionally use it in crystal grids aswell.

This June solstice, at the stillpoint, after my meditation, I will take the pieces of paper with names from my Reiki Box, and I will send them to the heavens using the element of fire. This is a time of completion and start.

If any of you would like your name put in the Reiki box after the solstice, please comment on this or if you prefer to be private, PM or email me. If there is anything that you would like to add, such as what you are looking for (love, abundance, wisdom, health, healing – anything you like but it must be positive) feel free to add it. Source has no limits, so all names requested will be added.

The June solstice is at 8:51 pm Melbourne time, 11:51 am British time, 6:51 am Atlantic time, and 3:51 am Pacific time. All these times are for Saturday 21st June.

May you all receive blessings from the infinite source of the divine. xo

Energy Blockages and the Human Body

hold energy

We are not designed to “hold” energy (other than our own higher selves). We are designed to be conduits of energy – i.e. it passes through us; it does a little upgrade in our energetic fields and DNA, and then goes into the earth. That is what all these light codes and energy updates are doing.

But our physical bodies are not always efficient at this process, and energy encounters energetic blockages in our bodies, caused by past emotional issues, false beliefs, fears, anxieties, past life traumas.

We can help this energetic movement through us by being grounded (in nature where possible), drinking a pure source of water, getting sunlight daily, positive affirmations and healthy eating, and envisioning the energy passing through and out of us. We can also call upon our guides to assist, and remain in gratitude and heart-centred.

Blessings. xo

The World Your Children Will Grow Up In


Dear souls, your children are growing up in a world that will be more different to your world than any other generation has been to its predecessor in our currently recorded history.

You are honoured for your caring and nurturing service to the new generation. Counsel is offered at this time that ego has to take a smaller seat at the table of child rearing. Allow the following explanation.

The collective consciousness of humanity is evolving at a rapid pace, and this has allowed a generation of souls to incarnate en masse that are further evolved than their predecessors. Call them indigos, Call them crystals. Call them rainbows. Label them however you please but acknowledge the blessing in their difference.

A parent will always do what they think is best to bring their children up for their own time, because a parent views the world through their own lens of experience. This effectively is a lens set in the past, because the past is where that lens has been polished by the ego from experiences, observations and emotions. Even a contemplation of the future is filtered through this lens.

However, while the ego lives in everything but the present, the heart lives in the NOW moment.

Dear souls, there are so many surprises to come. So many changes that can not be imagined will soon come to pass. Change is nature’s way of evolving. Quantum change brings quantum evolution.

Everyone is born with latent talents and skills that are in tune with their past [life] experiences and are in tune with their current contracts in life. With unbiased nurturing, encouragement and unconditional love, these talents will manifest and guide the individual to fulfill their mission in life. The individual will experience a life of learning, joy and abundance.

Surrendering the ego does not mean that a child does not need some boundaries. The world can be an unforgiving place and while fear is no longer relevant, danger can be. Please keep this in mind.

There is a leap of faith for a parent to trust in the guidance of their children to determine the life they wish to lead. While this may seem unnatural, remember that the child is a sovereign soul that you have the honour of sharing part of your heart with. Complete your role with love, and even a little pride. Do it in service and all will be as it should.

Blessings. xo

Forgiveness and Karma

Through forgiveness we find the tool to lighten both our own karmic burden and that of those we forgive. 

When we are wronged by another, the ego typically slips into victim consciousness. It matters not whether the perception of being wronged by another is valid. What matters is the ego says I am a victim; you have wronged me.

You may as well say “I hand over my personal power to you” because that is what you are doing. You are making your happiness and state of mind dependent upon the actions of another. But by choosing forgiveness, you are exerting your personal power.

Forgiveness cannot come from the ego. It can only come from the heart, because the heart is the seat of unconditional love.

So how does forgiveness lighten your karmic burden and that of those you forgive? Do not think of karma as the rewards or punishments for previous actions. Think of karma as the lessons you have chosen to master. When you experience a lesson of loss or hurt and learn to forgive, you have mastered that lesson by understanding the other is playing a role to assist you to master your lessons just as you are assisting them. You see the truth of duality as a mechanism for growth. You see all actions are ultimately those of love. Once a lesson is learnt, it is no longer repeated in your life.

All of the great masters spoke of the need to forgive through unconditional love. Every time we forgive another, we take another step on our own journey of mastery.

Blessings on your journey. xo