Full Moon and Solstice June 2016

20160621 Full Moon and Solstice cropped

It is no coincidence that this Sagittarius full moon occurs just a number of hours before the precise time of the June solstice.

While we have been inundated of late with waves of high vibration, this full moon asks us to complete and release ready for new light and further energetic waves from the Solstice. There are numerous references to the process of completion. Numerologically, the number of endings is ‘9’ (in fact this whole year is about dissolving and releasing the old as 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9). Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and the full moon is right at the end of Sagittarius, being at the 29th degree. Bear in mind also that a significant percentage of the human collective consciousness is currently observing Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islam calendar.

With all these references to endings and completion, it is important for all of us to clear out anything that we can – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically (and remember, doing things in the physical symbolically assists us in the mental, emotional and physical, and vice-versa).

The Sagittarian archer takes careful aim before releasing his arrow, and during this full moon we should also ensure our aim is true and consider what needs to end to allow for new beginnings. Sagittarius is a fire sign and its properties include honesty. It is important not to turn what should be an inward process into an outward tirade by lining another in your sight and giving them a dose of Sagittarian firey ‘honesty’. Make this about yourself – one cannot harm another when one’s intent is purely for one’s self highest good.

This full moon occurs at 11:04 am on 20th June GMT, which is 9:04 pm Australian Eastern time, 6:04 pm Indochina time, 4:34 pm India time, 12:04 pm UK time, 7:04 am Atlantic time and 4:04 am Pacific time. The June solstice occurs 11.5 hours after that.

May this full moon and solstice allow you to end that which needs to end, and make way for the new with ease and grace. xo

Be your own hero

be the hero cropped mefs

It can be easy to fall into the role of victim. It can be just as easy to start a new page as the hero.

When we have self love, we honor our sovereignty and step into our own power.

The first step in becoming your own hero is acknowledging that everything that happens in your life occurs with your permission – whether consciousness, subconscious or soul contract.

Blessings. x