Full Moon in Aries October 2016


Fancy a full moon with a bit of a twist? This month you are going to get one. While the Libran Sun is illuminating the Moon at 23 degrees Aries, the Moon is conjunct Uranus. In fact, less than an hour and a half before the precise Full Moon, she passes over Uranus.

Aries is a bit of a put down that pop tart and get off the couch kind of energy. Not so much in the physical exercise kind of way, but more in providing the energy, spontaneity and drive to take initiative. To do what we need to do but haven’t been bothered.

intuitionBut here is the twist: Uranus, ruled by the quirky Aquarius, is about using intuition and insight, and this is where the caution comes. Spontaneity is usually an emotional impulse, but one must use intuition instead. If in doubt, take a moment, breathe, and consult the inner and higher self. Rely on instinct.

The full moon occurs 3:25 pm Melbourne time, 11:25 am Indochina time, 9:55 am India time, 5:25 am UK time, 4:25 am GMT and 12:25 am Eastern/Atlantic time on Sunday 16th October; which is 9:25 pm Pacific time on Saturday 15th October.

A full moon has no light itself, but reflects the light of the Sun directly opposite it, and as above, so it is below. Thus, the full moon can give us the opportunity to be reflected back certain aspects of the self through others. Be kind, forgiving and non-judgmental to others this Full Moon, for that which we criticize in others is just a criticism of the self.

Blessings. xo