Empaths and the Collective Consciousness

protection vs grounding text

However you define it, many of us identify as empaths, in that we pick up on the energies [and emotions] of others.

A year ago I created this graphic and an article to explain the difference between protection (lessening the impact of other people’s energies and emotions in the first place) and grounding (getting rid of those energies picked up in our auric fields that are not ours) as I was seeing many empaths totally open to other’s energies and being adversely affected.

A year later, what I am seeing is people being impacted by the collective consciousness, which at this present time is being bombarded with negative messages, designed to create further division amongst communities, to put people in a place of fear and thus be receptive to certain agendas. Team dark is certainly working overtime at the moment.

For an empath, the impact of energies of the collective consciousness are no different to the energies of an individual, except it is harder to detach from because by our nature we are wired into the collective consciousness, being part of it and it being part of us.

Protection and grounding techniques are helpful. It is also beneficial to spend time in nature, and reduce exposure to mass media in particular.

Please use discernment with all messages and information, and consider the intent behind any such messages. Love is always the answer.

Blessings. xo