December Solstice 2016


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When the Sun is still in the sky, a portal opens.

Our spiritual evolution is defined by waves of energy followed by periods of integration. Certainly, many people experience a catalyst which kick-starts their journey, but awakening occurs over time by necessity.

The Solstice provides us with another increment of energy. An opportunity to release more of that which no longer serves, and prospects for further insights and understandings of that which could not be understood before. A chance to embrace living from your heart.

For those of you on the path who have become despondent or frustrated, I encourage you to use the Solstice to mark a point where you acknowledge that all of the roadblocks to progress are merely illusions, and with intent your Ascension is without doubt. Keep in mind it is a process not an event.

Do the inward work with the tools that resonate with you. It is too easy to be distracted by the external manifestations of the old world crumbling. It will occur in its own time, but the main game is the inward work. Remember we are in the process of completing a ‘9’ year, so for many there have been further separations and closures. Everything that happens is necessary to make way for changes in direction; which in reality is clarification and re-alignment with soul’s purpose.

The wheel continues to turn, and in the future there will be more energetic waves to propel you on your individual path. For now, enjoy the energies of the Solstice and the blessings of the Universe which is assisting your return home.

For those wishing to meditate or add ceremony at the precise time of the solstice, it occurs on Wednesday 21st December at the following time-zones:  9:44 pm Australia EDST,  5:44 pm Indochina time, 4:14 pm India time, 11:44 am Central Europe time, 10:44 am UK/UTC/GMT, 5:44 am Atlantic time, and on the west coast 2:44 am Pacific time.

May you all be blessed and may we continue to grow in 2017.

The 999 portal


As sovereign beings of free will, every single moment in time is an opportunity for further spiritual enlightenment. However, at certain points in space and time, the energies are in alignment offering accelerated growth, depending on intent and the level of individual consciousness.

Once such moment is pending with the 9-9-9 portal. The energy of this portal is generated by the human consciousness, and will peak on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2016, which is a nine year.

Numerologically, the number 9 is about releasing the old to make way for the new. It is about endings, and the natural culmination of a cycle. It is also about the Universe forcing change through endings.

Be willing to accept that nothing lasts; that there is a time for all things to end, and it is the natural way of things.

Be confident that it is only through releasing the old that something better may manifest.

Be joyous that every old belief system that is let go brings one step closer to the truth.

Be understanding that every tightly held material possession that is surrendered is one less anchor to the energies of the old dimension, and a step closer to Ascension.

Most of all, be blessed. Always. xo

Be Open To Change

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It is important to be open to change and go with its flow. It is important to not resist the inevitable.

When we resist change, it is from a place of fear. And we know that fear lowers our vibration. So, when we resist anything through fear of change, we lock ourselves into the lower energy vibration of that which we do not want to change. Inadvertently, we change this for the worse.

The Universe is always on the move. Always changing. Being open to change is aligning yourself with the nature of the Universe. This is not the same as making change for change’s sake. Rather, it is allowing the release of that which no longer serves, releasing that which holds us back, and being open to the new entering our lives.

The energies of change are permeating all and everything. Expect a ramp-up of those energies in September as we progress through this ‘9’ year of endings, and head for the ‘1’ year of 2017 and new beginnings.

May you all be blessed. xo

When you look in the mirror, your ego looks back at you

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When you look in the mirror, your do not see your true self. In fact, in 3D you cannot adequately perceive your true self. What you are seeing is a version of self as filtered through the lens of your ego. When you look in the mirror, your ego looks back at you.

If the ego is not the true self, what is the ego?

The ego is a collection of mental constructs that we have learnt, inherited or experienced that creates a persona through which we interact with the world, just as our physical bodies are merely a temporary vehicle for the soul to experience a very dense version of reality. Our physical bodies create an illusion of separation from all that is, and the ego creates a similar mental separation as the identification of self.

As we do the hard work on the ego, the lens through which we perceive the world clears and we see more of truth and reality. We also perceive ourselves with truth and clarity.

On a spiritual path, one is often counselled to work on the ego, to silence the ego, or to drop the ego. The most important aspect of ego work is to understand that everything that we experience in 3D is filtered through the ego. While we can never totally eliminate the ego while in this dimension, raising our vibration allows us to work towards mastery of the ego, and mastery of self.

May you journey lead you to truth and clarity. xo

Focus on the NOW moment


Now more than ever it is necessary to focus on the now moment.

Distractions of daily life have created a habit where we do a number of things at once, or do certain things on auto pilot – not really focusing on the task at hand as there is so much more stimulus to absorb.

If this is you, you may find that things are getting a little harder.

You may find that your mind is becoming prone to lapses of concentration and memory, and you may be seeing or hearing more than the normal spectrum of sight and sound for a human. You may be finding you drop things, get dizzy, have bouts of vertigo, forget where you are going or what you are doing. These things happen momentary and then you feel ‘normal’ again.

This is all caused by a fluctuation in your vibrational rate, which itself is caused by your body adapting to energetic variations; both within and external. While you may not notice a momentary vibrational variation in your elbow or your stomach, you will notice it in your mind and the senses that feed into your mind. Thus the reason for these symptoms manifesting at this time.

Grounding always helps by assisting the body to dissipate energies down into Mother Earth. Meditation helps because stilling the mind and limiting sensory input allows the mind to adapt. Water also helps with flow by assisting to conduct energy flow.

Most of all, whatever you are doing and whenever you do it, try to give your full attention to the task at hand.

May you be blessed, always. xo