Full Moon in Aries October 2016


Fancy a full moon with a bit of a twist? This month you are going to get one. While the Libran Sun is illuminating the Moon at 23 degrees Aries, the Moon is conjunct Uranus. In fact, less than an hour and a half before the precise Full Moon, she passes over Uranus.

Aries is a bit of a put down that pop tart and get off the couch kind of energy. Not so much in the physical exercise kind of way, but more in providing the energy, spontaneity and drive to take initiative. To do what we need to do but haven’t been bothered.

intuitionBut here is the twist: Uranus, ruled by the quirky Aquarius, is about using intuition and insight, and this is where the caution comes. Spontaneity is usually an emotional impulse, but one must use intuition instead. If in doubt, take a moment, breathe, and consult the inner and higher self. Rely on instinct.

The full moon occurs 3:25 pm Melbourne time, 11:25 am Indochina time, 9:55 am India time, 5:25 am UK time, 4:25 am GMT and 12:25 am Eastern/Atlantic time on Sunday 16th October; which is 9:25 pm Pacific time on Saturday 15th October.

A full moon has no light itself, but reflects the light of the Sun directly opposite it, and as above, so it is below. Thus, the full moon can give us the opportunity to be reflected back certain aspects of the self through others. Be kind, forgiving and non-judgmental to others this Full Moon, for that which we criticize in others is just a criticism of the self.

Blessings. xo

A confrontation of free will and divine timing


We are experiencing a confrontation of two powerful forces – that of free will, and of divine timing for change. This is being experienced both on a personal level and a global level, and the two are intertwined as the individual affects the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness cannot but be affected by each individual’s state of consciousness.

As sovereign beings of light that have chosen to embody in the flesh of the third dimension, we have free will. While the energies prompting humanity’s awakening continue and accelerate, we will find that choices becomes starker. That is not to say the choice becomes more urgent, because that would be limiting one’s thinking to linear time. No, the choice becomes more black and white, whether you think of it as service to self and service to others; light and dark, or love and the absence of love. There are always possible timelines because there is always free will; however, as low probability timelines collapse we arrive at fewer, contrasting timelines. The perception is one of polarization.

It is at this point that it is important to go within. The events of the world and society, and that happening even closer with friends and family, can be looked on as evidence of pending change in our worlds, and of course the external is a reflection of that which is going on within.

I would urge you all to spend time in contemplation and meditation. To visualize the future timeline you wish to manifest. To ground yourself and listen to Gaia, who is undergoing her own changes and looking for the support and love of her inhabitants. Truth and direction can always be found within. Remember that what we resists persists, so it is important to focus on what it is we want to see in Nova Gaia. When we focus on the negative, we give it energy and prolong its life.

We do indeed live in interesting times. May you be blessed, and choose wisely. xo

Spiritual Growth Through Dreams


Those hours when we sleep can be a valuable time to assist us on our spiritual path, by understanding the nature of the dreams we experience. Considering on average we spend a third of our life asleep, and some of it dreaming, it would seem beneficial to utilize that time to aid us in our spiritual growth.

When we engage in the alternate dimension of dreams, the conscious mind provides much less resistance and we can gain valuable insights. The experiencing mind is no longer confined to the strict physical boundaries of the third dimension, so we are provided with further opportunities to explore, interact and learn.

Below are a few simple things we can do to make the most of our dreamtime.

  • Set your intent before going to sleep. For example, you could set an intention that you want to meet one of your spirit guides, or be provided with a solution to something that is worrying you. It is as simple as stating (aloud or just in your mind) what your intention is. Try to do it just before you fall asleep so it is the last thing on your mind.
  • If you sometimes have nightmares, prepare yourself using similar protection techniques as you would for meditation, energy work or channeling. Ask for protection from your guides/angels/higher self if so inclined.
  • Maintain a dream journal. Keep it very close to your bed, because the details of a dream begin to fade as soon as we awaken, and even quicker as we ground in our body by moving around. I use an electronic journal on my phone, so that I can later search it quickly; but a paper journal is fine too. Over time, you will see certain themes developing.
  • Understand that dreams can also be symbolic. Various kinds of messages come through dreams. Meditate on a dream to determine its true meaning. Quite often people in dreams are playing a small role of the self – a vertical slice of one aspect of our personality that needs working on.
  • There is a body of knowledge regarding the interpretation of dreams (for example, dreaming of water is generally associated with the emotions; and so on). You may find some initial benefit in this, but remember you are a unique being and no-one can understand your dreams as much as you.
  • Remember that we all experience different types of dreams – some are prophetic, some are a replay of the issues of the day, some may be contact from other beings such as guides, angels or ancestors, and some are just a result of unusual foods we have consumed that day. After a while you know which is which. Again, a dream journal helps.

Sweet dreams.