Full Moon in Capricorn July 2017

20170709 Full Moon in Capricorn

Interesting mix for this full moon with the Sun illuminating the Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn, Pluto a degree away from the Moon and currently retrograde forming a conjunct with the Moon and opposition to the Sun. Then we have Jupiter in Libra, forming a square to all three (albeit a few degrees off perfect square to each).

The Sun opposite Moon is by far the strongest aspect, and Capricorn makes the energy results-oriented. It is a time to set [realistic] goals and impart energy to achieve these goals. Note that the signs involved with the aspects mentioned above are all cardinal signs – Capricorn (Moon and Pluto), Cancer (Sun) and Libra (Jupiter). Cardinal signs mark the official change of the seasons, and as such they reinforce the notion of setting new beginnings, and goals.

The Pluto influence assists in any goals that are about transformation [of the self]. Be aware though, that a close conjunct of the Moon (emotions, subconscious mind) and Pluto (secrecy and that which we keep buried) can lead to the release of a lot of things, especially from childhood. If this comes up for you, understand that the cogs of the Universe have turned to provide you with an opportunity to face and release that which needs to be brought up from the past. Fortunately the Moon moves fast and Pluto is extremely slow, so the pain is short-lived.

Jupiter being such a giant seeks to expand us, through knowledge and seeking the truth. In line with the themes explained above, the Jupiter influence is one where we regenerate to our more legitimate self.

The full moon is 2:05 pm Melbourne time, 11:05 am Indochina time, 9:35 am India time, 5:05 am UK time, 4:05 am GMT/UT and 12:05 am Eastern/Atlantic time on Sunday 9th July, and 9:05 pm Pacific time on Saturday 8th July.

May your journey be blessed, always. xo