The Temporary Nature of Physical Form

Seth Speaks 20170423

This quote, from the Seth material channeled through Jane Roberts back in 1970, recently caught my eye.

Almost half a century later,so many more of us are accepting of the notion that we are indeed eternal consciousness manifest in physical form, for just the blink of an eye. We incarnate many, many times, and each incarnation assists us in our spiritual evolution.

To me, the message is that anything manifest in form is temporary, for its true nature is consciousness (spirit). There is a need to accept the impermanence of anything in form while learning (remembering) the art of manifestation for spiritual growth.

Blessings. x

Full Moon in Libra April 2017

Full Moon in Libra April 2017 Balance and Harmony

As the Sun, Moon and planets traverse the heavens, the changing energies give us opportunities to work on various aspects of ourselves, because certain traits are accentuated by the energies of the time. The full moon is always related in some way to the emotions and the subconsciousness.

This full moon is at 21 degrees Libra, and as Libra is the sign of balance and harmony (or rather, restoring balance and harmony), so this full moon is a good time to make a balancing change in your life. One example may be to restore the work-life balance into your life. Basically, the energies of this full moon will assist any change to assist in bringing balance back into life. We are already in that full moon energy so consider making the change now.

As usual, there is always a twist, and this full moon the twist is brought by Uranus. A mere five hours after the precise full moon (and while still very much in the full moon energies), the moon then opposes Uranus. Things get turned around from the energies of Uranus … not surprising from a planet that spins on a horizontal axis. So be forewarned that after the initial harmony from this full moon, the tail may hold a surprise. Not necessarily bad, but we will be reminded that things are not always as they seem or not as simple as we think. The good news is the moon pulls away from the very slow Uranus quickly, so any challenging energies will dissipate quickly.

The full moon is 4:09 pm Melbourne time, 1:09 pm Indochina time, 11:39 am India time, 7:09 am UK/GMT, and 2:09 am Atlantic time on Tuesday 11th April. For our friends on the west coast Americas this is 11:09 pm on Monday 10th April.

Blessings on this full moon. xo