Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018

20180430 Full Moon in Scorpio

While a full moon is by definition an opposing of two energies, this full moon also features a precise square (i.e. less than one degree) of the Sun and Moon squaring the (Moon’s) North Node; and aspect needing consideration when understanding the energies coming from this full moon.

The Sun is at just under 10 degrees Taurus, illuminating the Moon in the eighth house of Scorpio. The eighth house resonates to a number of things including other people’s (i.e. partner’s) finances, self-control and self-discipline, and regarding the body it rules the anus and sex organs (think base chakra). Moon in Scorpio is about hiding emotions from the outside world … the proverbial duck gliding across a still pond, while underneath frantic activity is going on.

Fears, anxieties and emotions regarding finances (particularly those of others) have to be relaxed during this full moon. Be wary of constipation (which is a fear of letting go). In line with base chakra affirmations, maintain an understanding and belief that the Universe provides all the support that is required.

Emotions come in shades of grey and rarely are black and white such is the perception of the Scorpio moon. While the energies resonate with burying emotions and feelings, remember that being as open as possible can bring relief, without of course using this to attack or criticize another.

The interesting factor of this full moon is the North Node forming a precise square to the Sun and the Moon; a reasonably rare event. The North Node is generally regarded as relating to the future – more particularly that which we have to work on in the future – and a square to both the Sun and Moon during a full moon can be seen more of as a blending of the solar and lunar energies rather than a contest of two opposing forces. This is like the balance of male and female, yin and yang, left brain and right brain. Those on a spiritual path understand the endeavor for unity of mind, and of the unity of divine masculine with divine feminine. This aspect provides a glimpse of that, and used wisely can provide the individual with another step on their chosen path. The North Node being in Leo and the fifth house would indicate that creativity and self-expression (in any form) from the heart would be of purpose.

The full moon is 10:58 am Melbourne time, 7:58 am Indochina time, 6:28 am India time, 1:58 am UK time, and 12:58 am GMT/UT on Monday, 30th April, which is 8:58 pm Eastern time and 5:58 pm Pacific time on Sunday, 29th April.

Full moon blessings to you all. xo

Aligning with the Universe for co-creation


Quite often, we give the Universe mixed messages. We request abundance but fear it. We ask for love but we have a closed heart. We wish for good health while we maintain habits and attitudes that promote the opposite.

When our messages are mixed, the Universe provides us with mixed results. We need to align our mind, body and spirit with our desires and goals, and we need to ensure our subconscious mind is on the same page as our conscious mind.

Use daily affirmations to coach the inner mind, and ensure you live in gratitude for all that you have AND all that you desire. State your gratitude as though the Universe has already delivered to you that wish to seek. xo