June 2017 Solstice

stonehenge solstice

Blessings on this June solstice.

The solstice is that point in time where the sun reaches its most northern point from the equator, and (appears to) sit still in the sky. And as we know, like with meditation, insight, and increased energies are available at the still-point. Through insight we can expand our consciousness. And for those of us on a journey of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness can bring spiritual growth.

The June Solstice also marks the movement of the Sun into Cancer. As Cancer is a Cardinal sign, the energies for new beginnings are enhanced, so leading up to the Solstice is a good time to tie up loose ends, and set intentions for the new. Cancer is also a Water sign, so the emotional body is seeking assertiveness; thus it is the time to honor your emotions. The emotional body and the water element correspond to the Sacral chakra, so it is also an appropriate time to focus on this chakra.

The June solstice is at 2:24 pm Melbourne time, 11:24 am Indochina time, 9:54 am India time, 5:24 am UK time, 4:24 am UT/GMT AND 12:24 am Atlantic (Eastern) time on Wednesday 21st June. For our friends on west coast America, that is 9:24 pm Pacific time on Tuesday 20th June.

May this solstice bring you another step on your journey to enlightenment.  x