Full Moon in Pisces August 2018

full moon in pisces

Artwork by Alex Groseth

A full moon by its definition is the the confrontation of two energies pulling in opposite directions. The Sun directly opposes (but also illuminates) the Moon, and the Moon is most prominent  thanks to the Sun’s full illumination.

The Pisces full moon in my opinion is the one most challenging of the year, as the ego self gets to examine the emotional subconscious self. The Sun is sitting at 3 degrees Virgo, shining its light onto the Moon at 3 degrees Pisces. Pisces, being the last sign, denotes this full moon is the culmination of a cycle, which invariably leads the human mind into reflection. With the Sun in Virgo – the most analytical and self-criticizing sign – it is not unusual to feel self doubt, and to spin off in the wonderful world of “what ifs” and “if I had only” and so on. Analytical thinking on steroids, with a mix of heightened emotions.

This is where discipline is required, and all the spiritual practices of living in the moment, not having regrets, and being positive in challenging circumstances is required. And of course, if you do go down the self-criticism and self-doubt rabbit-hole, don’t beat yourself up about it. The moon sails through the zodiac very quickly, and energies associated with the full moon pass quickly. And this too shall pass.

The full moon is 9:54 pm Melbourne time, 6:54 pm Indochina time, and 5:24 pm India time, 12:54 pm UK time, 11:54 am UTC/GMT, 7:54 am Eastern time and 4:54 am Pacific time on Sunday, 26th August.

May you be kind to yourself and kind to others. x

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