The Akash and Multi-dimensionality

Kryon June 2017

We always have been, and always will be, multi-dimensional beings. The need to focus on the current life at hand in this dimension means that we see ourselves as our body, or at best a soul inhabiting a suit of flesh. The Akash is usually beyond the veil.

But as our vibration and that of Gaia continues to rise, we become more aware of our true multi-dimensional nature.

It will first manifest through our sub-conscious mind; that is through dreams, meditation and creativity. Snippets of existences, lives, talents and memories will slowly bleed through.

Embrace it. Be grateful for it. Love what is revealed as you would love yourself.

Blessings. xo

June 2017 Solstice

stonehenge solstice

Blessings on this June solstice.

The solstice is that point in time where the sun reaches its most northern point from the equator, and (appears to) sit still in the sky. And as we know, like with meditation, insight, and increased energies are available at the still-point. Through insight we can expand our consciousness. And for those of us on a journey of spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness can bring spiritual growth.

The June Solstice also marks the movement of the Sun into Cancer. As Cancer is a Cardinal sign, the energies for new beginnings are enhanced, so leading up to the Solstice is a good time to tie up loose ends, and set intentions for the new. Cancer is also a Water sign, so the emotional body is seeking assertiveness; thus it is the time to honor your emotions. The emotional body and the water element correspond to the Sacral chakra, so it is also an appropriate time to focus on this chakra.

The June solstice is at 2:24 pm Melbourne time, 11:24 am Indochina time, 9:54 am India time, 5:24 am UK time, 4:24 am UT/GMT AND 12:24 am Atlantic (Eastern) time on Wednesday 21st June. For our friends on west coast America, that is 9:24 pm Pacific time on Tuesday 20th June.

May this solstice bring you another step on your journey to enlightenment.  x

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2017

20170609 Full Moon in Sagittarius

The nature of a Full Moon is such that we have a stand-off of masculine energy (Sun) with feminine energy (Moon) as these two directly oppose each other. The signs in which the Moon and the Sun confront each other determine the aspects of our lives and society to be influenced, and the full moon aspect compared to the natal chart determines the degree of impact on us.

With the moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini, we have both astral bodies in mutable signs. As its name suggests, mutable signs are about adaptability (which is different to compromise). When we combine this with the Sagittarian seeking knowledge and ultimate truth, we begin to understand that we may find the truth through taking the Red Pill – i.e. the truth will appear only when we are prepared to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

About twelve hours after the precise full moon, the moon crosses Saturn – a planet that can be associated with limitation and restriction. As such, don’t be disheartened if the wind goes out of your sails. Remember that on life’s journey, not every step is forward and with a leap ahead it is often followed by a period of integration.

Please remember, we experience a full moon about once a month. It is always beneficial to go with the flow of energies, but full moons help us to make baby steps, small course corrections if you like. Never expect your life to change totally on each full moon. A large ship takes a long time to change course.

The full moon is 11:09 Pm Melbourne time, 8:09 PM Indochina time 6:39 PM India time, 2:09 pm UK time, 1:09 pm GMT, 9:09 am Eastern/Atlantic time and 6:09 am Pacific time on Friday 9th June.

May you always be blessed in every though thought and action. xo