Full Moon in Aries October 2017

20171006 Full Moon in Aries

The monkey mind is in action this full moon, so don’t be surprised if meditation and contemplation is harder than usual.

The Sun is sitting in Libra with a very close conjunct to Mercury, and they both oppose the Moon at 12 degrees Aries.

Aries is the traditional first house of the zodiac, and it is the sign of the self. The lunar influence is that of the emotions and the subconscious mind. So, a Moon in Aries always draws our thoughts to the inner self, but with Mercury – the second-fastest orbit of the celestial spheres after the Moon – we get impatient and caught in the mind.

Be wary of and avoid triggers that would impact the nervous system. Avoid stress where possible, and ensure adequate sleep. Do not overthink, but counter the Mercury impatience by thinking before reacting.

The Aries full moon occurs at 5:40 am Melbourne time, 1:40 am Indochina time, and 12:10 am India time on Friday 6th October, and 8:40 pm Western Europe time, 7:40 pm UK time, 6:40 pm UTC/GMT, 2:40 pm Atlantic time, and 11:40am Pacific time, all on Thursday, 5th October.

May you be blessed at all times.