Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018

20180430 Full Moon in Scorpio

While a full moon is by definition an opposing of two energies, this full moon also features a precise square (i.e. less than one degree) of the Sun and Moon squaring the (Moon’s) North Node; and aspect needing consideration when understanding the energies coming from this full moon.

The Sun is at just under 10 degrees Taurus, illuminating the Moon in the eighth house of Scorpio. The eighth house resonates to a number of things including other people’s (i.e. partner’s) finances, self-control and self-discipline, and regarding the body it rules the anus and sex organs (think base chakra). Moon in Scorpio is about hiding emotions from the outside world … the proverbial duck gliding across a still pond, while underneath frantic activity is going on.

Fears, anxieties and emotions regarding finances (particularly those of others) have to be relaxed during this full moon. Be wary of constipation (which is a fear of letting go). In line with base chakra affirmations, maintain an understanding and belief that the Universe provides all the support that is required.

Emotions come in shades of grey and rarely are black and white such is the perception of the Scorpio moon. While the energies resonate with burying emotions and feelings, remember that being as open as possible can bring relief, without of course using this to attack or criticize another.

The interesting factor of this full moon is the North Node forming a precise square to the Sun and the Moon; a reasonably rare event. The North Node is generally regarded as relating to the future – more particularly that which we have to work on in the future – and a square to both the Sun and Moon during a full moon can be seen more of as a blending of the solar and lunar energies rather than a contest of two opposing forces. This is like the balance of male and female, yin and yang, left brain and right brain. Those on a spiritual path understand the endeavor for unity of mind, and of the unity of divine masculine with divine feminine. This aspect provides a glimpse of that, and used wisely can provide the individual with another step on their chosen path. The North Node being in Leo and the fifth house would indicate that creativity and self-expression (in any form) from the heart would be of purpose.

The full moon is 10:58 am Melbourne time, 7:58 am Indochina time, 6:28 am India time, 1:58 am UK time, and 12:58 am GMT/UT on Monday, 30th April, which is 8:58 pm Eastern time and 5:58 pm Pacific time on Sunday, 29th April.

Full moon blessings to you all. xo


Easter – Dark Night of The Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

For many, this time of year is about the theme of death and resurrection. This story is repeated in many cultures and religions throughout the world, in part because the story tells us of the personal death and rebirth available to each and every one of us.

By aligning, or tuning into the collective energies of the moment, we can further our own spiritual development. In terms of death and rebirth we are of course talking about the death of values, beliefs and emotions in the ego self that no longer serve, and allowing the true, divine self to be revealed. Effectively, re-birthing at a higher vibration.

On a dramatic scale we may refer to this as our Dark Night Of The Soul.

May you all surrender with ease and grace that which you have now surpassed, and no longer need to carry forward on your journey. Many Blessings. xo

Full Moon in Libra March 2018

Full Moon in Libra

This full moon is at 10 degrees Libra, and as Libra is the sign of balance and harmony (or rather, restoring balance and harmony), this full moon is a good time to make a balancing change in your life. One example may be to restore the work-life balance into your life. Or perhaps, spend some time in your spiritual self. Basically, the energies of this full moon will assist any change to assist in restoring balance. We are already in that full moon energy so consider making the change now.

Mercury is never too far away from the Sun in the astrological chart (given its proximity to the Sun, when viewed from earth it is always within 48 degrees) but at this full moon Mercury is sitting a mere two degrees from the Sun and is currently retrograde, so the Moon is opposing Mercury as well as the Sun. Caution is the counsel this full moon Mercury retrograde, however still be prepared to move forward with any opportunities to balance  life. But walk, don’t run. A Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon is no reason to sit on your hands.

The full moon is 11:37 pm Melbourne time, 7:37 pm Indochina time, 6:07 pm India time, 1:37 pm UK time, 12:37 GMT/UT, 8:37 am Eastern time and 5:37 am Pacific time on Saturday 31st March.

Blessings on this full moon. xo

March Equinox 2018

equinox March 2016

As the March equinox bears upon us, the Sun slips from Pisces into Aries, commencing a new solar year as celebrated by numerous cultures. New years bring new beginnings, though this new year may feel a little similar with Mercury, Venus and Uranus all in Aries like last year’s March equinox. The comet Chiron – the “wounded healer” and that which brings life’s greatest lessons – has moved a few degrees closer to the end of Pisces. In fact he Sun conjuncts Chiron less than two days before this equinox, so this is an ideal time to process those lessons learned and start the new year afresh.
An equinox itself is an enabling energy, and as such an opportunity for further growth. For those that embrace this opportunity, the hard work of constantly processing and releasing that which no longer serves will propel us further on our journey.
Some people ask what is so special about the equinoxes. As well as the deeply symbolic answers, one solution may be found in the notion of “equinox cracks”, also known as the Russell-McPherron effect.
Look at the drastic happenings occurring in the world. The same energies that are creating the macro patterns of chaos and change in the world are being reflected in the personal lives of every one of us. These energies affect us all, and those not moving with or into the new energies will have to deal with them at the appropriate time for their own path.
It is not uncommon for painful emotions and recurrent patterns of behavior from the past to rise during this time (especially so with the Chiron conjunction two days before the equinox and the new moon a day before that). If this is the case for you, know this is part of your healing and that emotional events from the past arise to be acknowledged and released, and not to be relived. Try not to engage in the emotion and allow it to exit your etheric field.
As we get closer to the event, the energies continue to rise, and appear heightened at certain times of the year, such as now. The counsel is as always, drink plenty of fresh water, be in nature wherever possible, rest, and be in acceptance and gratitude of this divine process. Use whatever tools you think are appropriate for you; whether meditation, yoga, creative/artistic pursuits, energy work. And ask for help from your guides and your Ascension team.
The precise moment of the March Equinox occurs at 3:15 am Melbourne time on Wednesday 21st March, which is 11:15 pm Indochina time, 9:45 pm India time, 4:15 pm UK/GMT/UT, 12:15 pm Eastern time and 9:15 am Pacific time on Tuesday 20th March.
Blessings at this time from my heart to yours. May you shine bright and be a beacon of love, light and healing. xo

Full Moon in Virgo March 2018

20180302 Full Moon in Virgo

The very nature of a full moon is that it creates a paradox of sorts, caused by the energies of two opposing forces. And this is how nature – the Universe – promotes growth in us, by presenting these opportunities.

With the Sun in Pisces, we have the Moon in opposition at 11 degrees Virgo.  Virgo lends itself to detailed analysis and logical thinking. However, the moon is about subconscious and emotions – those things that by nature defy logic and do not stand to reason. At least, not the reason we perceive from the third dimension.

More than any full moon, the Virgo full moon is the one not to indulge in over analysis, in particular relating to the emotional self. It would be best to distract one’s self in the height of these full moon energies, or to do the opposite and empty the analytical mind through meditation or creative pursuits.

With 24 hours of the precise full moon (i.e. while we are still well within the energies of this full moon), the Moon will oppose Neptune, Mercury and Venus which are also in Pisces, culminating with an opposition to Chiron (the wounded healer, and that which teaches us some of life’s toughest lessons). Chiron has an erratic orbit, so life lessons from Chiron are the things that come back to us unexpectedly.  The symbol for Chiron is a key, and for some on the spiritual path this may be the key they are looking for to progress their journey. For others will be the return/balancing of energies sent out to the Universe. Some may prefer to see this as triggers for soul contracts, or karmic balancing.

All this activity is taking place in Pisces and the twelfth house, both of which relate to service to others. The final sign and the final house. This is completion of a cycle, or, if the lessons have not been learnt, the setup of the cycle again. Be pure in thought and honorable in service, and most of all be forgiving and loving of the ego and the self.

The precise full moon is 11:52 am Melbourne time on Friday, 2nd March; which is 7:52 am Indochina time, 6:22 am India time and 12:52 am UK/GMT, and which is 7:52 pm Atlantic time and 4:52 pm Pacific time, all on Thursday 1st March.

Graphic generated from planetwatcher.com

Lunar New Year 2018


This Friday 16th February marks the Lunar New Year as celebrated in many parts of the world. We are commencing the year of man’s best friend (according to many people), the dog. It is also a New Moon with the Sun conjunct the Moon in Aquarius.

Just as with the calendar new year or the solar new year, the Lunar New Year has significance because of the importance that the collective consciousness [of humanity] place on it.

All forms of new year resonate with leaving the old behind and commencing new beginnings, so even if you personally and your culture does not celebrate the Lunar New Year, there is no reason why you cannot draw on the energetic resonance of the Lunar New Year to start something afresh.

Even if you are not in a position to make actual changes in your life, it is an appropriate time to make changes in your mindset. In reality, all changes in your life begin in thought before being manifest into this reality.

May you all be blessed with good fortune, robust health, abundance and grace. x

Full Moon in Leo 2018

cat tree moon

Not every full moon is an eclipse; in fact it is only when there is a syzygy … a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies. Such is the case of this full moon when the Aquarian Sun opposes the Moon at 11 degrees Leo, causing a Lunar Eclipse in some parts of the world.  The moon will still be close to its perigee the day before, so it will be larger than usual in the sky. This makes for a powerful and potentially transformative full moon. The link here shows the parts of the world that will experience a partial or total lunar eclipse this full moon: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/globe/2018-january-31

The dense configuration of so many astrological bodies in the down-to-earth Capricorn of the previous full moon and new moon has now given way to the Sun and Venus into the quirky and indifferent Aquarius, with Mercury to follow an hour after the full moon.  This may result in some feeling fatigued or that the wind has gone out of their sails, and this would be correct, as the celestial wind has calmed.

As we come under the energetic influence of this Leo full moon, the need to be [emotionally] heard becomes more prominent. Leo, being the regal, likes to be acknowledged, and quite often feelings of not being acknowledged or appreciated can surface at this time. Considering the Leo full moon always occurs with the Sun in Aquarius, others may appear aloof or indifferent to us, exacerbating this feeling of transparency, being taken for granted, and “we don’t communicate” type of feelings.

Fortunately, the Moon moves through Leo for just a couple of days so these feelings are fleeting. But remember this is the way the energies work … it is not always the event that happens during the astrological event. It can also be the trigger that initiates events in the future. Given the Moon moves from Leo into Virgo, one must be cautious not to then examine every detail of a situation or relationship under the microscope, where small things look larger.

While in Leo, the Moon also encourages for pursuits of the heart – i.e. anything we love to do, so any challenging energies from the Leo full moon can be channeled into creative and fun-loving activities.

Those on a spiritual path could utilise opportunities of this full moon to explore aspects of the inner self that seeking to maintain relationships through dominance. One might then be rewarded by acknowledging and subsequently releasing that habit or belief system.

Just as these energies affect the individual, the energies created by alignments of the movements of celestial bodies affect the collective consciousness of humanity. There have always been those in positions of power who understand this and use this for their benefit, by planning events and announcements when energies are favorable. Consider a few moments of your time to place into the collective consciousness pure and positive thoughts for the greater good.

In most of the world and certainly in GMT this is a blue moon; however for us on the east coast of Australia and east of us to the International Date Line, the precise full moon falls on the 1st of February. The full moon is 12:28 am Melbourne time on Thursday 1st February, which is 8:28 pm Indochina time, 6:58 pm India time,  1:28 pm UK/GMT/UT, 8:28am Atlantic time and 5:28 am Pacific time on Wednesday 31st January.

May this Leo full moon allow you to express your true self with the heart of a lion and the humility of a great king. xo