Be Open To Change

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It is important to be open to change and go with its flow. It is important to not resist the inevitable.

When we resist change, it is from a place of fear. And we know that fear lowers our vibration. So, when we resist anything through fear of change, we lock ourselves into the lower energy vibration of that which we do not want to change. Inadvertently, we change this for the worse.

The Universe is always on the move. Always changing. Being open to change is aligning yourself with the nature of the Universe. This is not the same as making change for change’s sake. Rather, it is allowing the release of that which no longer serves, releasing that which holds us back, and being open to the new entering our lives.

The energies of change are permeating all and everything. Expect a ramp-up of those energies in September as we progress through this ‘9’ year of endings, and head for the ‘1’ year of 2017 and new beginnings.

May you all be blessed. xo

Aligning with the Universe for co-creation


Quite often, we give the Universe mixed messages. We request abundance but fear it. We ask for love but we have a closed heart. We wish for good health while we maintain habits and attitudes that promote the opposite.

When our messages are mixed, the Universe provides us with mixed results. We need to align our mind, body and spirit with our desires and goals, and we need to ensure our subconscious mind is on the same page as our conscious mind.

Use daily affirmations to coach the inner mind, and ensure you live in gratitude for all that you have AND all that you desire. State your gratitude as though the Universe has already delivered to you that wish to seek. xo