Spiritual Awakening or Mid-Life Crisis?


So, you have reached middle age and you start making big changes in your life. Are you undergoing a spiritual awakening or a mid-life crisis? Are your actions based on fear of your physical body’s mortality, or awareness of the immortality of your soul? Here are a few pointers to contemplate.

The term “mid-life crisis” originated in the mid-sixties, and reflects the sudden realization, and subsequent panic, that life is half over.

Typically we think of a mid-life crisis as a middle aged man in an open top sports car, where the car has more horsepower than the hairs on his head; or maybe a woman addicted to Botox. Some facing a mid-life crisis feel a need to leave a mark on the earth; to achieve a level of immortality through deeds done in life; that their legacy may continue once the body returns to dust.

Mid-life crises have a few characteristics in common:
• They are a call to action from the ego
• They are service-to-self actions
• They are driven by a fear of the future (mortality)

Everyone’s spiritual awakening is different. Some have a slow, gradual realisation that the body is merely an avatar for a part of their soul to experience and learn from a dense, physical experience. Others undergo a drastic event in life (i.e. a catalyst) that overnight forces them to evaluate existence itself and puts them on a path to their own spiritual awakening. The degree of change in life brought about in one’s spiritual awakening is to an extent prescribed by one’s previously accepted belief system.

Just like a mid-life crisis, a spiritual awakening is an internal process, but it is one of the heart-mind, rather than the ego. The ego still plays a significant role in a spiritual awakening. There is a necessary re-balancing of the ego-self and the heart-self, and often a death and rebirth of the ego – a Dark Night of the Soul. Note the ego will not surrender without a fight, but you can tell your ego that everything will be alright. Yes, it is as simple as that. Say it often.

During a spiritual awakening, many things can happen. Change can occur in many aspects of life: interests, friends, priorities, physical changes, relationships. It is not surprising that it may be misinterpreted as a mid-life crisis, especially for those whose belief system does not encompass spirituality. But there are a few differences:
• Mid-life crises manifest in the lower chakras of the body only, as it is a very physical 3D-world experience. A spiritual awakening on the other hand encompasses all the chakras and involves the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual bodies
• As the understanding of oneness replaces the paradigm of duality and separation, a spiritual awakening involves service-to- others actions
• Physical ascension symptoms manifest
• External changes are a result of the physical world – a reflection of the inner world – coming into line with the higher vibration of the individual

It is not uncommon for one to question whether the spiritual awakening is a mid-life crisis, or whether it is just all in the mind. This is the ego doing what it does best – keeping you small, making you second-guess your intuition; making you think that you are just a physical body in a 3D world. If this happens, do not wait for external signs to manifest in your world. Remember, the ego says “show me and I will believe”. Spirit says “believe and I will show you”.

When seeing repeating numbers becomes a thing

11-11 its a thing

We have all done it – looked at a clock, or glanced at our phone, and saw the time was 11:11 or 3:33 or some other repeating number.  Maybe you think nothing of it – just random chance. Maybe you think it is a sign of something, but you don’t know what. What is for certain is that for many people this has gone way beyond random chance and has become a thing.

The human mind being what it is, we notice things like repeating numbers, but we would not notice all the times we look at the time and it is nothing special. This is what the cynics say. Another excuse presented is that repeating numbers are just a phenomenon of the digital age, because for example forty years ago clocks and watches had analog faces, and so the phenomenon could not have occurred. This to me indicates the opposite – that technology evolved exactly at the appropriate time to support the phenomena. We live in exciting times and synchronicity is everywhere when we learn how to read it.

There comes a point that seeing repeating numbers – and typically the same repeating number – becomes the norm. Repeating numbers are not just time – there are vehicle number plates, building numbers, telephone numbers; the list goes on. It seems that whenever a number presents itself, it’s that same number again.

As with my own experience, repeating numbers started to appear to such an extent that I started to notice them, and after that they came in a flood.  Typically one often first notices the prevalence of 11:11 code – sometimes called the awakening code.

If you are experiencing this phenomenon, know that you are not alone.

So what do repeating number mean?

There are numerous opinions as to what the numbers mean. Certainly, 11:11 is considered the awakening code, and is usually the first repeating number that people experience. When one is on their spiritual awakening, messages begin to bleed through from beyond the veil, recognizing the awakening – whether you like to think of ‘beyond the veil’ as your higher self, or guides or angels. As with any new communication, it commences with a ‘ping’ such as 11:11. Our noticing and acknowledgement of that message is our response, which opens further communication.

As far as other repeating numbers, there are many sources on the internet that give numerological descriptions of numbers and master numbers (such as 11, 22, 33 and so on). Not all sources will seem appropriate, so go with the ones that resonate with you and your belief system.

What to do when you see repeating numbers

Just like when I hear the onset of high pitched ringing in one or both of the ears, I acknowledge (in my mind – it does not have to be out loud) the repeating number. I take note of what I was doing and how I was feeling emotionally at the time, and compare this with my rudimentary understanding of numerology and master numbers. After a while, a pattern emerges that certain numbers appear with certain events, thoughts or emotions.

What happens next?

Once you begin to acknowledge repeating numbers (and thank your guides/angels/higher self), you will find that you notice more repeating numbers and other synchronicities will start to occur in your life.

As you open yourself to messages from beyond the veil, you will start to attract more guidance in your life that you will begin to interpret and understand in time. Patience is important, in that intuition is like any ‘skill’ you develop over time and improves the more you use it.

Final words

We are blessed to be living in a time where the veil is thinning and spiritual awakening is occurring on an incredible scale. When we live in gratitude and strive for unconditional love, we open ourselves to more of the synchronicities such as repeating numbers.