New Moon in Leo and Total Eclipse August 2017

eclipse vanessa

The Sun is completing a month in its own sign with a new moon and eclipse at almost 29 degrees Leo. We also have a number of planets retrograde, including Uranus in Aries which is also trine to this Sun/Moon conjunction. How will this affect you?

The primary aspect here is a Sun/Moon conjunction in Leo. As the traditional ruler of the fifth house, Leo is the sign of fun, happiness, pleasure, the father figure, and our origins. Do not have misgivings about wanting attention. Given a new moon is the start of a mini-cycle, set your mind to happiness. Try this affirmation (and remember affirmations work by repetition):  “I deserve and accept happiness and pleasure in my life”.

Two things playing on this new moon are the very precise trine aspect to Uranus, and the eclipse caused by the moon sitting between the Sun and Mother Earth.

Uranus, currently retrograde, is sitting in the 28 degrees Aries, just half a degree from a precise trine to the Sun/Moon. So this is a strong aspect. Trines are generally harmonious, partially because the signs being impacted will have the same element; in this case Leo and Aries are both Fire element signs, which is about spontaneity and impulsiveness. Uranus, the planet that has a sideways orbit, is about rebelliousness and independence. So how do we interpret this into counsel? Be yourself, trust your intuition, and be prepared to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. Remember that growth only comes with change.

An eclipse is felt most by those that live where the Sun, Moon and Mother Earth fall in perfect alignment . In the case of this new moon, the total eclipse falls across and only across the continental United States, from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast. (refer to this link if you would like to see how this total eclipse spans the US:  I will refrain from speculating too much on the potential impact of this eclipse, but I will point out that Leo is also the sign of the father figure and Leo is a sign of leadership. And let us not forget the Uranus factor, as described above! As always, I would urge everyone to envisage the energies of this new moon and eclipse to impact their lives and that of the collective consciousness for the higher good.

The new moon is 4:31 am Melbourne time, 1:31 am Indochina time and 12:01 am India time, on Tuesday 22nd August, and 7:31 pm UK time, 6:31 pm UTC/GMT, 2:31 pm Atlantic (eastern) time and 11:31 am Pacific (western) time on Monday 21st August.

May you all be blessed. x


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