Lunar New Year 2017


This coming weekend marks the Lunar New Year as celebrated in many parts of the world. We are commencing the year of the rooster. It is also a New Moon with the Sun conjunct the Moon in Aquarius.

Just as with the calendar new year or the solar new year, the Lunar New Year has significance because of the importance that the collective consciousness [of humanity] place on it.

All forms of new year resonate with leaving the old behind and commencing new beginnings, so even if you personally and your culture does not celebrate the Lunar New Year, there is no reason why you cannot draw on the energetic resonance of the Lunar New Year to start something afresh.

Even if you are not in a position to make actual changes in your life, it is an appropriate time to make changes in your mindset. In reality, all changes in your life begin in thought before being manifest into this reality.

May you all be blessed with good fortune, robust health, abundance and grace. x

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